Urban Poling

Helping you become a healthier, more active version of yourself.

What is Urban Poling?

Here at Peak Energy, we provide the opportunity to learn more about Urban poling and the wide variety of health benefits it should offer, along with other therapeutic effects. Urban Poling is also known as Nordic walking, that incorporates the use of activator poles to enhance fitness, and amplifies everyday walking routines. Urban Poling is user friendly to all ages, and can be used during any season throughout the year. It is easy to learn, as well as an enjoyable and social activity. Our Physiotherapist, Lisa Dykeman, is a certified instructor and the Ambassador in Nova Scotia for Urban Poling Fitness and ACTIVATOR poles. Lisa is available to speak with regarding how to get started with Urban Poling, and sells the poles here at Peak Energy as per request.

Fitness Benefits of Urban Poling:

  • Increases Calorie Burning: When participating in Urban Poling, this type of workout typically burns 20-46% more calories than standard walking.
  • Toning Your Core: By pushing off the ground with the poles, it tightens your abdominal muscles and strengthens your core in each step.
  • Adjustable Weight-Baring Activity: Urban Poling also provides additional support while walking, which releases stress from the hips and knees allowing individuals to walk further and faster than before.
  • Sculpts Upper Body: When adding Activator poles to your walk, it incorporates the use of your upper body muscles, such as arms, shoulders, and back to intensify the workout.
  • Ergonomic Effects: Urban Poling enhances proper posture, promotes range of motion, increases your mobility, balance and normalizes gait pattern which ALL works together to boost your overall health and well-being.

Health Related Benefits:

Several Health Professionals, and Fitness Instructors across Canada have been increasingly recommending Urban Poling to the community due to the sustainable effects of many physical, and psychological health benefits.

  • Cardiovascular Management: Urban Poling helps to keep the heart healthy by lowering your resting heart rate, decreasing blood pressure and promoting healthy blood cholesterol.
  • Weight Loss: By adding Activator poles to your walk, it works more muscles in your body and increases cardiovascular endurance that helps with weight loss. Additionally, it may decrease the progression towards Type 2 Diabetes, by controlling blood sugar levels, and providing sufficient blood flow to the active muscles without pain.
  • Injury Prevention: With the use of Activator Poles, it can help compensate for the impact of lower extremity muscles reducing the likelihood of injury. Although when individuals are recovering from an injury, Activator poles were also designed for Rehabilitation purposes including post-surgical operations. These poles were originally designed by an Occupational Therapist to provide walking tolerance, confidence, and transition from Rehab to everyday activity. It may also benefit the return from ankle, spine, knee or hip injuries.
  • Breast Cancer Therapy: Urban Poling reduces fatigue and increases energy levels for individuals going through breast cancer treatment.
  • Mental Health: Along with many other physical activities, Urban Poling improves self-esteem while exercising and promotes social interaction. It also reduces mental health concerns such as anxiety, stress and depression.
Urban Poling is considered a physiotherapy session and can be billed through private insurance in most cases.