A natural approach to finding the root cause of common health concerns using a range of modalities and helping the body to heal using its own natural healing power.

Modalities Used

Naturopathic Doctors (NDs) use many therapies to individualize a program for their patients needs. The most commonly used therapies include: botanical medicine, traditional Chinese medicine, diet and lifestyle changes, nutritional supplementation, hydrotherapy, and many new and emerging therapies supported through scientific research

Lab Tests

NDs are trained to read and understand lab work, feel free to bring in your lab results for our ND to look over. Often NDs believe that the ranges used are focused more on “sick” vs. “healthy” not on what is optimal, so there may be “normal” lab results that could actually indicate the benefit of a preventative plan.

Botanical Medicine

A favourite for many, this is a powerful modality that uses plants as medicine. The plants used are supported through scientific research, clinical evidence, and traditional uses. Often they are prescribed as teas, tinctures, or capsules.

Diet and Lifestyle

Diet is a major component of a healthy lifestyle and major treatment for many health concerns! NDs are well trained in nutrient, dietary planning, the pros and cons of many well known diets, and how to individualize the diet so that it heals and works for the patient and their lifestyle.

Lifestyle therapies can incorporate many healing behaviours so often overlooked. Things like meditation, sleep hygiene, nature therapy, social connections, and other good habits that an ND can help a patient work towards.

Nutritional Supplementation

NDs are well trained in the health profiles of supplements. They can determine what is the best supplement for a patient, taking into account safety, interactions, adverse effects, and side effects. Supplements can be a major help to a patient’s treatment plan, but they are potent, and NDs are well trained to help find the best and safest option for their patients.


Hydrotherapy is a very traditional modality that incorporates water as a treatment into a patient’s plan, it can include activities like: dew walking, alternating showers, cold socks, and sitz baths.

Your Visit

A patient visit starts with an intake – an hour long appointment that gives the ND a good foundation of your health concerns, your health history and other types of treatments you may have already tried.

During this visit the ND will perform physical exams to help determine what may be the root cause of the concern. Once the ND understands the concerns they will determine the best multi-faceted approach to use to create an individualized treatment plan for their patient. Through this they will strive to help their patient heal and become educated on their health and wellbeing.

Naturopathy can also be used for preventative health, meaning NDs are well trained to create treatment plans that can help prevent health concerns from arising.