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Please note: We direct bill to Manulife, Great West Life, and Blue Cross
Chiropractic & Laser Therapy Services  
Initial Chiropractic/Laser Therapy Exam $90
   Initial Exam with X-Rays (at Dr. discretion) $150
Subsequent Chiropractic $50
Subsequent Laser $25
Children & Students  
Initial Exam $65
Subsequent Visit $35
Massage Therapy Services  
Initial Consultation + 60min massage $90
Each additional 60 minute massage $90
30 minute massage (at therapist discretion only) $50
Physiotherapy Services  
Initial Assessment (Treatment is included)$90
Subsequent Physiotherapy Treatments$60
Combination Physiotherapy Session and Laser Treatment (on same day)$85

Chiropractic SpineAlign

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Class IV Laser

Drug Free, Surgery Free, Pain Relief Now Available!


Are you suffering with physical pain? Does your back or neck hurt? Do you have a sports injury? Carpal tunnel syndrome? Or tennis elbow?

If you want to be pain free, but surgery or drugs are not the answser you are seeking, than here is great news. We are excited to be the first in Nova Scotia to offer the class IV laser from LiteCure medical. This exciting new technology can dramatically reduce pain and inflammation, with results often being felt on the very first visit.

Setting the new standard in pain management, deep tissue laser therapy is safe, non invasive and FDA cleared. With an average treatment time of only five minutes, laser therapy can put you on the road to becoming pain free without surgery or drugs!

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Physiotherapy Services

Services Include:

  1. Individualized physiotherapy assessments and treatment plans with a focus on manual therapy and rehabilitative exercise
  2. Acupuncture and auricular acupuncture
  3. Bracing and custom bracing
    • Custom bracing for post-op conditions such as ACL repair or for knee osteoarthritis
    • General bracing for all extremities and spinal support
  4. Urban Poling (aka. Nordic walking) private lessons

Injuries Our Physiotherapist Treats:

  1. Musculoskeletal injuries
  2. Repetitive stress and/or strain injuries
  3. Injuries sustained from a motor vehicle accident
  4. Post-surgical rehabilitation
  5. Sports injuries
  6. Back pain, neck pain, spinal injuries
  7. Muscle imbalances
  8. Arthritis pain and stiffness
  9. Neurological conditions
  10. Chronic pain

Urban Poling is considered a physiotherapy session and can be billed through private insurance in most cases.

Massage Therapy Services

Offering a host of massage services including: Deep tissue massage, myofascial release, post-motor vehicle accident massage, sports injury massage, maternal massage, youth massage, and relaxation massage.

Custom Orthotics by Footmaxx

Dr. Lorna Deveau uses the Metascan; the most efficient way to assess a patient's foot function and prescribe custom orthotics. Orthotics may be billed through private insurance in most cases - a doctor's referral may be required.